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This was published 22-10-2008

Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) is one of the fastest growing poker games. There is a ton more action than holdem because you get 4 cards instead of just 2. The hands play out just like Holdem, but from your 4 cards you must use the best 2 in your hand, along with the board to make the best possible 5-card hand.

Anyway, enough of the boring intro, here are some good sites to play PLO online:

3 Best PLO Poker Sites

1) – Pokerstars offers the most PLO action on the Internet. There are always games running and they are usually full of really soft competition as you get many holdem players trying this newer game out. They have several tournaments also and the sit n go’s fill up rather quickly.  (For more info about Pokerstars, see our Poker Stars Review)

Here is a screenshot of the Pokerstars Software:

2) Full Tilt Poker – Full Tilt is the 2nd largest site for PLO games. Similar to Pokerstars, the competition is very soft and there are tons of sit n go’s, cash games and Multi-table tournaments (MTTs).  (For more info about Full Tilt, see our Full Tilt Poker Review)

3) Cake Poker – Cake is home to some of the worst Omaha players on the Internet.  The traffic levels aren’t as good as Full Tilt or Poker Stars, but there are still games running at most times.  I managed to run $16 into over $500 playing these games just to show you how soft they are.  (For more information about Cake, read our Cake Poker review)

Omaha is the fastest growing poker game right now, so if you take some time to learn this great game you can make a killing!  Good luck!

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