Vanessa Rousso Is One Sexy Poker Babe

This was published 04-01-2008

Vanessa RoussoUpcoming poker star Vanessa Rousso is our first featured poker babe and we couldn’t think of anyone else more deserving of this honour. Vanessa was born in Paris and lived their until she was ten years old at which point she bounced from city to city in the United States with her family. Her poker days began at the tender age of 5 at which point she began learning and playing poker with her parents who she describes as “game oriented”. Rousso attended Duke University while living in the US majoring in Economics. During her college days she became interested in game theory and began to study it, which she now credits to her decision to become a professional poker player. Since the start of her pro career, Vanessa’s biggest accomplishment came in 2006 when she was named top female money earner in the United States. She is also a coveted member of Team Pokerstars and continues to be an avid player of both online poker and the regular tournament circuit.

Vanessa Rousso

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