The World Series of Poker 2010 is the Year of the Brits

This was published 11-06-2010

There is great excitement during the World Series of Poker and the upcoming Fifa Soccer World Cup. Being a Brit, I am really delighted for every final table and bracelet our UK players get to win in Vegas. While players aren’t always that fussed with local poker games, there is something about the Brits playing the US that inspires patriotism.

James Dempsey and Praz Bansi started off the UK frenzy. These players are both talented and popular UK poker figures. Dempsey is famous for his Blondepoker forum status and for winning a series of games on the UK circuit. Bansi is known for his successful poker career and his HitSquad connections.

It’s hard not to be aware of these men’s successes as the UK forums and Poker fans facebook walls are ringing out news about Banzi and Dempsi’s success at the World Series of Poker.

Its almost as popular a discussion as how well the England is going to fare at this year’s Fifa Football World Cup. Just as most of us can’t imagine screaming and supporting for any other country’s team, most of us can’t help feel a little smug when our players does well at the WSOP.

The question at the moment is whether these two players success will continue. It’s possible to match the three bracelets and we might even end up beating it. The UK is a fantastic poker environment and these boys have had the priviledge of competing against the best over here.

The UK has some of the best poker communities. Just think about the Hendon Mob, Blonde, Sky Poker, A World of Poker, APAT and Blackbelt poker. These poker communities develop strong spirit and are keen to help develop their players.

UK Poker players also have the opportunity to play poker games that are well structured and have deep stacks. Just think about APAT, Dusk Till Dawn, the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour, the Pokerstars UK & Ireland Poker Tour, the British Masters Poker Tour, Black Belt Poker Live, PKR Live, and the Sky Poker Tour Final. Viva UK Poker players!

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