PKR to sponsor BAMMA Martian Arts in the UK

This was published 19-01-2011

Leading online poker room, PKR Poker, has announced that it will be sponsoring BAMMA, the British Association of Mixed Martian Arts, for the upcoming season.


BAMMA has been broadcasting Martial Arts events for many years and during that time it has featured many of the sport’s most popular fighters including Bob “The Beast” Sapp and Tom “Kong” Watson.


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The latest sponsorship deal will see PKR Poker brands and logos being featured at BAMMA venues and events during the 2011 season.

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After the sponsorship deal with the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts was signed PKR Poker launched a press release and Erika Schwartz Poole, the group’s Marketing Manager, said “It is with great pleasure that we announce our official partnership with BAMMA. Mixed Martial Arts is becoming hugely popular and we are very much looking forward to working with them throughout the coming year.”

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The British Association of Mixed Martial Arts will not only be benefiting from the deal’s sponsorship money but part of the arrangement will see PKR also featuring BAMMA branding in a few of their poker rooms.  PKR Poker will also run promotions and competitions that will see the winners take home tickets to Mixed Martial Arts events.


BAMMA’s vice president of business development, Liam Fisher, commented on the arrangement by saying that this was a signal of how fast the sport has been growing in the United Kingdom.


Fisher added that 2011 is bound to be a very exciting year for Mixed Martian Arts in the United Kingdom and the fact that they are partnering with such a progressive and high profile company such as PKR is a true reflection as to how much its partners can gain from this business.


The partnership between BAMMA and PKR has already come into effect and BAMMA’s next event which is scheduled for Monday, 11 August, 2011 will be displaying PKR’S banners.

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