Poker on TV should ALWAYS be played by professionals

This was published 10-06-2009

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Apparently some producer in Los Angeles (Sam Simon) has had the brilliant idea that you can put any poker game on TV and people will watch it.  That may be true, but as a player myself, i HATE watching “celebrities” play a game, simply because they are famous. 

“Sam’s Game” Debuts Thursday on Playboy TV, and has such stellar poker players as Norm MacDonald, Brande Roderick and a former playmate of the year.  Wow. this show will be entertaining and improve my game.

The only decent player they have is Jennifer Tilly, and i believe she has magical poker powers that live in her breasts. (I’m not complaining..i would gladly give her my cash during a poker game, provided of play..hasn’t changed…)

Back to poker….Sam Simon said “Texas Hold’em games may not always be stellar, but they will be funny..” While that may be true Sam, if you want people watching your show for any amount of time, get great poker with big names playing a solid game.  Or go in the complete other direction and have strip poker with only playmates playing.  I’d watch that, and not for the poker.

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