Avoid the Check/Fold Button

This was published 12-05-2009

Many poker sites offer it, many new players use it thinking that its a good move and professional players hate it and its cost millions of poker players all of their bankroll….

The Infamous ‘Check/Fold‘ button.

The ‘Check/Fold’ button found in all online poker sites have been created to offer players the opportunity to use the ‘shortcut’ to save on time taken to make their action.

While many players think that the button is there to help the button in fact offers the reverse effect!

While the button is only visible each time a player is on the big blind, it secretly offers your opponents information surrounding your hand.

Information on your hand is given away due to the speed of play when the action reaches you, if the action reaches a player on the big blind and instantly there is a ‘check’ call you can almost certainly place them on a poor hand as they have selected the ‘Check/Fold’ option.

Using this button often reveals that your hand isn’t strong, and that you would not have played had there been any raise.

Ok sometimes players will use the option and the flop will deal them the perfect flop but 80% of the time the player will see higher cards hit the board and they will fold at any bet.

Players who are concentrating on the game, regardless of ability will spot that this option is been used, leaving you wide open to out played as they know that you have a hand that you wouldn’t have staked any chips on if you were given the choice.

This leaves you left wide open to opponents placing over sized bets into the pot, knowing that your not going to call due to the fact that you wouldn’t even place the blind if you didn’t have to.

Players who use this option are more likely to finish a poker session with no chips or funds than any other player.

The biggest mistake a player can make is to use this button on a high stakes table, players with that experience are constantly trying to find online poker tells that can help them get the upper hand on you, giving them the opportunity to find a hole in your game will only result in you been left out of a tournament or out of funds at ring table.

Our tip is to avoid this button like it said ‘Reveal Cards To All’ as once opponents find out that your using this option, thats as good as what your doing.

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