Luton Leg of Grosvenor UK Poker Tour

This was published 19-08-2010

Congrats is in order for Neil Channing, who is the MD of the Black Belt site, and the winner of the Luton section of the Grosvenor United Kingdom poker tour.  He won 64 thousand pounds in this leg of the tournament.  He has real solid results on the 2010 leg of the tour.  He has played both legs on the tour in Luton and in London.  He also made the final in London and he manage to outright win the Luton leg.

Let us look at a key hand from the Channing visit.  When the blinds were at four hundred to eight hundred, a very gutsy young Vietnamese poker player raised to two thousand three hundred chips and got a caller.  When Channing hit the big blind with a king of spades and an eight of spades, he decided to join in the game.  When the right flop was taking place he thought that he could get all the chips from someone who has overplayed their starting hand.

As time will tell, the poker flop came in as an AK8 rainbow.  Channing then decided to check while the first player bet four thousand eight hundred and the third player decides to fold.  Channing then decided to flat call. He is aware bad poker player may decide to call a check raise as long as they have any ace, but he also knows that the Vietnamese sitting across from him is not a bad player.  He doesn’t want to lose to him.  He wants to move completely in when the poker pot asks for a call, rather than fold.

The poker game turn is a 10 and means a possibly dangerous situation but Channing doesn’t want to pass this opportunity. He doesn’t like flopping against an aggressive opponent once he has a strong hand.    The other player bets eight thousand five hundred and Channing moves in.  Unlucky for Channing, the other poker player as a ten of aces.  And unlucky for the opponent, the river is an 8.

The turn is a 10. This could be dangerous, but Channing isn’t passing; how many times will he flop a strong hand against an aggressive opponent? When the opponent bets 8,500, Channing moves in as planned. Unlucky, Channing! The opponent has A 10. Unlucky, opponent! The river is an 8.

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