Poker Inside Buckingham Palace!

This was published 29-06-2009

Image by love not fear via Flickr

There are all sorts of reports coming out that a former royal protection officer (who incidentally is accused of a £3 million betting and property scam) is saying that colleagues played poker and traded porn while working at Buckingham. 

First of all, i think it’s hilarious that the headline is “POKER PLAYED AT BUCKINGHAM!” and not “Guards traded porn at Buckingham!”   That aside, i wonder what kind of games they would get up to.  And if this guy is cheating his colleagues out of £3 million, do you think he’d be in on that game?  Something smells fishy here. 

Honestly i don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t do something personal during downtime at work.  And someone running a poker game is, in my opinion, similar to euchre or any other card game.  Honestly, if you want to be outraged at something, be angry at the porn.  Porn at work is a definite no no…..but poker at work?  I’d be in on that during my lunch break. The game would likely be more for fun than for money, but you could probably get some really sweet variations or play some games you’ve never played before (crazy pineapple, 7 card murder, razz…)

You can read the “Outrageous!” story here….

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