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888poker’s New “Monday Twins” Tournaments


888poker’s new Monday Twins’ online poker tournaments offer players, who are always on the lookout for ways to win, new and unique gaming content that could see players winning up to seven different ways each week.

The Monday Twins are a pair of tournaments that run at 888poker every Monday with the pair of $22 buy-in events named Monday Twins Challenge: Royal and Monday Twins Challenge: Flush that both commence at 7.35 p.m. BST.  The tournaments each offer a guaranteed prize pool of $8,000.

Players have the opportunity to compete in both Monday Twins tournaments simultaneously, giving them two chances of winning a share of the prize pool.  888poker has also spiced up the action by adding five special bonus prizes to those players who cash in both Monday Twins tournaments.

Players who manage to cash in during both tournaments of the Monday Twins Challenge will earn a free seat to the following Monday’s tournaments.  With buy-ins costing $22 each, this bonus prize is valued at $44.

All players who manage to reach the final table during Monday Twin Challenge events on the same day will be given seats to enjoy a Free Month of Sundays – seats in all the following month’s Sunday Challenge tournaments that are worth at least $436.

Players who win one Monday Twins tournament and final table on the other tournament on the same day will be awarded an additional amount of $1,000 in cash while taking down one of the Monday Twins tournaments and finishing second on the other tournament on the same day will have their winnings boosted by a massive sum of $2,500.

The largest cash prize of $10,000 is awarded to any 888poker player who manages to win both Monday Twins Challenge tournaments on the same day.

Players should take note that all Terms and Conditions apply to the Monday Twins Challenge.

Tickets can only be won to the Sunday Challenge of the following month’s tournaments.

Prizes of tickets to tournaments are not refundable or saleable and members can only win one prize from each Monday Twins Challenge.


Simon Jones Crowned “Greatest Poker Player in the Universe” in UCOP


The 2017 edition of the Universal Championship of Poker (UCOP) at MPN (previously known as the Microgaming Poker Network) came to an end recently with Simon Jones being crowned the “Greatest Poker Player in the Universe”.

Comprising of 59 events held from 10th to 24th September 2017 with an amount of €75,000 in prize pool guarantees and representing an increase of €250,000 from last year’s guarantees, the 2017 Universal Championship of Poker was the largest one to date, awarding over €810,000 in payouts throughout the event.

A €10,000 leaderboard was a unique aspect of the UCOP which tracked player progress throughout the series to determine who the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe was.  In addition to the financial incentive of a €5,000 cash bonus for winning, the UCOP also gives players a chance to compete for the esteemed title of “Greatest Poker Player in the Universe”.

Professional poker player/sports psychology lecturer, Simon Jones, came out on top and although he did not intend playing so many events, early success motivated him to compete for the leaderboard.

Jones commented on his win by saying that he had not actually planned on playing the entire UCOP series, but he had been doing really well on the MPN the previous couple of months.  He added that the size of the fields in the network tournaments meant that one has a realistic chance of getting close to the money a decent chunk of the time, so he decided to see how the first few days went before committing himself.

Jones went on to say that he had a number of third place finishes and other deep runs to put him in the top five after which a €5.4K win in Event No. 32 catapulted him to the top spot.  He added that he really wanted the trophy and is chuffed to actually win.


Alex Scott, the Head of Product (Network Games) at Microgaming, commented on the UCOP series by saying that the poker industry’s most thrilling tournament series has once more come to a close, with another vast increase in prize pools compared to the previous year.


Scott congratulated Simon on becoming the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe – for now.



WPT and ELC Gaming to Host Poker and Esports Collaborative Event


The World Poker Tour will soon be teaming up with the European division of Allied Esports, ELC Gaming that will see the two being brought together in the first-of-its-kind integrated poker and esports event at Holland Casino in Valkenburg in the Netherlands.

This revolutionary event is due to take place during the WPTDeepStacks series at Holland Casino between Monday, 9th and Sunday, 15th October offering a packed schedule that will feature integrated poker and esports events.  Players can expect to find the regular DeepStacks schedule offerings including a €1,100 Main Event between Thursday, 12th and Sunday, 15th October as well as a range of additional menu items.

ELC Gaming’s 18-wheel mobile esports arena “Big Betty” will be onsite outside of the casino where it will host events with lots of opportunities for players and fans to win seats into the poker tournaments and esports competitions.  They will also be offered an interactive virtual reality experience, daily esports battles between local universities giving players a chance to win additional prizes as well as a casual gaming lounge.

Adam Pliska, the CEO of World Poker Tour explained why they chose to launch the inaugural collaborative event at the WPTDeepStacks Netherlands by saying that the crossover between the poker and esports communities is undeniable, and the addition of a live esports event to one of the WPT’s live poker festivals is a perfect fit to provide an even greater experience for their players.

Frank Ng, CEO of Ourgame International, commented on the merging of the two realms by saying that as Ourgame International is the parent company of both WPT and Allied Esports, it is well positional to bring forth this collaboration between poker and esports.  He added that with prominent business in poker and esports, Ourgame is uniquely positioned to raise the bar with a new breed of events across the globe to give all of their players more of what they want.

Leon Groenewoud, COO of ELC Gaming, added that they are thrilled to be working with their sister company, the World Poker Tour, and Holland Casino to create the first-ever crossover experience between poker and esports.



Partypoker to Double Title Fight Guarantee


The Title Fight is currently the biggest weekly tournament at partypoker, in terms of prize money awarded, with the $215 buy-in event usually guaranteeing an amount of $250,000 in prize money.   However, all this is about to change for the better as from Sunday, 1st October 2017.

According to an announcement on the partypoker blog, the $215 Title Fight will have its guarantee increased by 100 percent to a notable $500,000 which is a brave move when one considers that a number of the $500,000 guaranteed Powerfest events have not managed to hit their guarantee.

With the first-place prize predicted to be around $80,000, partypoker is making certain that players of all levels and bankrolls will have the opportunity to participate.

Satellites to the Title Fight, starting at only $1.10, is due to run every day during the week with a total of at least 150 seats guaranteed to be won via satellites each week.

Monday to Saturday Title Fight Satellites

Time (CET) Tournament Name Buy-in
6:00 p.m. Title Fight Mini Feeder: 100 x $8.80 Gtd Hyper Turbo $1.10
7:00 p.m. Title Fight Feeder: 25 x $44 Gtd Hyper Turbo $8.80
8:00 p.m. Title Fight Satellite: 10 x $215 Gtd Turbo $44
8:00 p.m. Title Fight Mini Feeder: 200 x $8.80 Gtd Hyper Turbo $1.10
9:00 p.m. Title Fight Feeder: 50 x $44 Gtd Hyper Turbo $8.80
10:00 p.m. Title Fight Satellite: 20 x $215 Gtd Turbo $44
10:00 p.m. Title Fight Mini Feeder: 100 x $8.80 Gtd Hyper Turbo $1.10
11:00 p.m. Title Fight Feeder: 25 x $44 Gtd Hyper Turbo $8.80
12:00 a.m. Title Fight Satellite: 10 x $215 Gtd Turbo $44
12:00 a.m. Title Fight Mini Feeder: 100 x $8.80 Gtd Hyper Turbo $1.10
1:00 a.m. Title Fight Feeder: 25 x $44 Gtd Hyper Turbo $8.80
2:00 a.m. Title Fight Satellite: 10 x $215 Gtd Turbo $44

Sunday Title Fight Satellites

Time (CET) Tournament Buy-in
2:00 p.m. Title Fight Mini Feeder: 500 x $8.80 Gtd Hyper Turbo $1.10
3:00 p.m. Title Fight Feeder: 125 x $44 Gtd Hyper Turbo $8.80
4:00 p.m. Title Fight Satellite: 50 x $215 Gtd Turbo $44
4:00 p.m. Title Fight Mini Feeder: 500 x $8.80 Gtd Hyper Turbo $1.10
5:00 p.m. Title Fight Feeder: 125 x $44 Gtd Hyper Turbo $8.80
6:00 p.m. Title Fight Satellite: 50 x $215 Gtd Turbo $44


Dzmitry Urbanovich, a partypoker sponsored pro, has hinted that this may not be the last increase if the $500,000 guarantee is met regularly.

According to the partypoker blog, the news that the guarantee of the weekly Title Fight is increasing to $500,000 is wonderful and he is looking forward to its return next Sunday.  He added that it is further proof that partpoker care about the players and are committed to paying out large prize pools.

Urbanovich also said that it will be great competing for even more prize money every week and he is certain that the guarantee will only keep increasing and that it will not be long before the guarantee reached $1 million.

Dutch Poker Classics Heads to King’s Casino


Among the many large events that are taking place at King’s Casino in the next few months are the World Series of Poker Circuit (28th September to 18th October 2017) that will award 14 World Series of Poker gold rings followed by the World Series of Poker Europe (19th October to 10th November 2017) where 11 World Series of Poker Gold bracelets will be handed out.

There are, however, festivals taking place every week at King’s Casino that are sure to suit recreational players with very reasonable buy-ins.

The Dutch Poker Classics is one such festival and will take place from Wednesday, 20th to Sunday, 24th September 2017 featuring a host of tournaments with buy-ins that range from €40 to €600.

The Dutch Poker Classics Main Event is the highlight of the festival and features a lucrative prize pool of €100,000 for an entry fee of a mere €175.

The deep-stacked tournament will see players starting off with 50,000 in chips and blind levels that increase every 40 minutes on each of the four opening flights on 21-23 September 2017.  If eliminated, players will have lots of opportunities to get back into the action with two re-entries allowed for each opening flight and two separate flights to be held on Saturday, 23rd September 2017.

Players who bag chips will get to compete for one final day on Sunday, 24th September 2017 until such time as a winner is crowned.

Those players who are endeavoring to save a few bucks on the entry fee of the Main Event have an opportunity to possibly qualify into the tournament via satellites that are due to be held at the casino that come at a cost of just €40 during the festival.

Kings Casino will also be hosting cash games at limits low and high in addition to the Main Event and the side events.  These cash games will run 24 hours a day throughout the Dutch Poker Classics festival.


PokerStars to Pay Out More Tournament Places


PokerStars will be making a small change to tournament payouts and will be increasing the number of players who get paid in multi table tournaments in an endeavor to enhance the experience for recreational players on their site.

As from Monday, 11th September 2017, PokerStars will be making the payments of most of their tournaments deeper in an effort to pay out more players who buy in.

Mike Jones, the Operations Manager at PokerStars explained the reason for the change on the PokerStars blog saying that it is clear to them that paying more places has a direct benefit to most of their players.

Jones went on to say that the changes will be subtle and most players will only notice when they realize that they are experiencing the thrill of cashing a little more often.  He added that it has been years of tinkering to get to this point and they will keep working in order to create the best overall playing experience.

Jones also confirmed that tourneys that have been paying 12% will change to 14%; 14% will change to 16%; 16% will change to 18%, and 18% will change to 20%.  Not every tournament is affected and there is no change to approximately 30% of the weekly recurring schedule with Progressive Knockouts, a number of high buy-ins and tournaments being unaffected as they are already paying 20% of the field.

According to Jones they would like more people to have more fun by winning more often and that while traditional live tournament payouts used to be only for 10 percent of the field, with nine out of ten players in a tournament walking away with nothing, the number in both the live and online arenas has gradually increased.   He added that PokerStars has been one of the main proponents of increasing the percentage of players to cash in tournaments, as well as smoothing out payments so that more than just the top few finishers can get a good payday.




888poker Running Flopomania Celebration Promotion


888poker released a new game called Flopomania on Sunday, 20th August 2017 that, on the surface, looks like a traditional Texas hold’em cash game, although there is no pre-flop betting round in the game.

Flopomania games are played on six-handed tables and instead of there being a small blind and a big blind, there is one notable difference: everyone at the table pays an ante prior to the hole cards being dealt.  These antes weigh in at $0.05, $0.10, $0.30 or $1 with the minimum and maximum buy-ins for these games being 50 times the ante.  Therefore, players who sit at a $0.10 ante table, will start with a stack of $5.

All players receive hole cards once the ante has been paid.  The flop is then dealt with no pre-flop betting round with the player to the left of the dealer button opening the betting.  The traditional Texas hold’em rules apply from this point on.

In order to celebrate the launch of the amazing new game, 888poker is running a special Flopomania Celebration Promotion between now and Thursday, 7th September 2017 that could see lucky players winning a share of a whopping $500,000.

In order to participate in the promotion players are required to play 50 hands in Flopomania for which they will be given an Action Scratchcard where up to $100,000 is waiting to be won.  Players may complete this challenge up to 3 times each day.

888poker is also running 2 x $3,000 All-in Flopomania Celebration Tournaments every day at 15.00 and 18.00 GMT.  Tickets can be won via 888poker’s Flopomania Action Scratchcards or through their daily Spin game.

There is also a variation of Flopomania called Push or Fold Flopomania where everyone pays the same antes as in the standard Flopomania games and sits down with the same stack of 50 times the ante, but the only betting options are to fold or make a “push” bet of 10 times the ante, after which no other betting is possible.

By removing the pre-flop betting round it not only speeds up the game by allowing more hands per hour, but also creates a unique dynamic where up to six players see a flop with random hands that sees players flop unlikely two pairs with trash hands and pick up draws they would not usually see.


Partypoker MILLIONS Rusia Returns to Sochi with Massive Guaranteed Main Event


Partypoker LIVE is going back to Sochi, Russia for MILLIONS Russia after a very successful inaugural event last March.  The event returns with a schedule that offers an amount of $9,000,000 in guarantees including a $5 million guaranteed Main Event.

Dmitriy Chop won the €1,000 buy-in Main Event for $225,000 last March after outlasting a field of 1,170 players.

Satellites for next month’s partypoker MILLIONS Russia are running on partypoker giving players a chance to qualify and win packages to attend the live event at Sochi Resort and Casino, which is the Black Sea’s five-star poker destination.

The online-live hybrid Main Event consisting of Phase 1s and Day 1s is available live as well as online.  With a buy-in of $5,300 for 1 million chips, Day 1 flights will take place online on Sunday, 27th August and Sunday, 3rd September 2017 and live at Sochi Casino and Resort from Saturday, 9th to Monday, 11th September 2017.

Players get 100,000 starting chips in Phase 1s which feature a smaller buy-in of $550.  These flights, that have been running online on Sundays, will also be held live from Wednesday, 6th to Monday, 10th September 2017 while Day 2 onward is due to be played live from Monday, 11th to Thursday, 14th September 2017 until a winner is declared.

There will also be four side events with $1,000,000 guarantees featuring in the series.  Players in the $1,100 buy-in EAPT Grand Final are able to choose between online and live Day 1 starting flights.  The High Roller, Super High Roller and the 8-Max events will all be played live.

partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Russia Schedule

Event Dates Buy-in Guarantee
EAPT Grand Final Aug. 27 to Sep. 7 $1,100 $1,000,000
MILLIONS Russia Aug. 27 to Sep. 14 $5,300 $5,000,000
High Roller Sep. 8-9 $10,300 $1,000,000
Super High Roller Sep. 9-10 $25,500 $1,000,000
8-Max Sep. 11-14 $2,700 $1,000,000


Players who would like a chance to win a $10,000 VIP package for MILLIONS Russia that includes, travel accommodations as well as the Main Event buy-in can qualify or buy in to the online Finals event on Sunday, 27th August 2017.

$35 Million Guaranteed Powerfest to be held in September


Partypoker is pleased to announce that it will be guaranteeing a whopping $35 million during the latest edition of its Powerfest series.

Powerfest had guaranteed prize pools of $5 when it launched in February of last year with the total guarantees increasing to $7.8 million when partypoker ran another edition of Powerfest in May 2016. Partypoker increased the guarantees to $10 million in August of last year, before increasing the guarantees to $11 million in January of this year.

The last time that Powerfest ran was in May, 2017, when $20 million was guaranteed and over $27 million was paid out across 301 events.

There has been a marked increase in confidence in the Powerfest with an amount of $35 million on the line when the series returns next month.  The latest Powerfest will be the largest and most ambitious series that partypoker has run for quite some time.

Partypoker is promising that there will be a vast range of buy-ins available from $5.50 to $530 in order to give all players an opportunity to win a life changing amount of money.

The 12 Champion events that are due to take place in September include a number of multi-phase tournaments that take place online.

The $25,500 Super High Roller event that is due to return is bound to be popular with partypoker players.  The Super High Roller attracted 129 entries last time and when it returns on Tuesday, 19th September 2017 it will be a two day event with a $3 million guaranteed prize pool.

Four Main Events will round off the series on Sunday, 24th September at 7.00 p.m. BST with buy-ins of $11, $55, $215 and $1,050 and combined guarantees of $2.7 million.

Partypoker ambassador, Patrick Leonard, revealed that he remembers playing Powerfest at the start of the year and it was great to play some “pure” poker.  He went on to say that the schedule for September is the best that partypoker has ever had, with bigger buy-ins, bigger guarantees and 2 day tournaments.  He also said that the software will be improved to make it easier for players to find the right tournaments.hbh

888poker to take Live Tour to Brazil in September


888Live is scheduled to head to the notorious soccer city of Sao Paulo, Brazil from 6th to 11th September 2017.  The 888Live Sao Paulo Festival will be held at the Casa Bossa – Cidade Jardim Centre for six days of powerful poker action in what will be the fourth stop of the tour.

Brazil is currently very popular for poker with players from the South American country among the most enthusiastic in the world.  Poker enthusiasts will be given the opportunity to enjoy a number of fantastic tournaments, including a $318,000 (R$1,000,000) guaranteed Main Event, which also awards its champion a $13,000 package to the 2017 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event.

The Main Event features six starting flights for the height in flexibility.  The buy-in has been set at R$1,300 ($400) although players can win their way into the event from a mere $0.01 thanks to online satellites that are run at 888poker.

 888Live Sao Paulo Festival Schedule

Date Time Tournament Buy-in Guarantee
Wed 6 Sep 3:00 p.m. High Roller Satellite R$300 10 seats
  5:00 p.m. High Roller Day 1 R$2,500 R$200,000
  8:00 p.m. Main Event Day 1a R$1,300 R$1 million
Thu 7 Sep 2:00 p.m. Main Event Day 1b R$1,300 R$1 million
  5:00 p.m. High Roller Final Day R$2,500 R$200,000
  8:00 p.m. Main Event Day 1c R$1,300 R$1 million
Fri 8 Sep 6:00 p.m. Flop Omania 6-Max Freeroll  
  8:00 p.m. Main Event Day 1d R$1,300 R$1 million
  9:00 p.m. Celebrities Freezeout Invitational    
Sat 9 Sep 2:00 p.m. Main Event Day 1e R$1,300 R$1 million
  8:00 p.m. Main Event Day 1f R$1,300 R$1 million
Sun 10 Sep 2:00 p.m. Main Event Day 2   R$1 million
  8:00 p.m. Ladies Event Day 1 R$500  
Mon 11 Sep 2:00 p.m. Main Event Final Day   R$1 million
  7:00 p.m. Ladies Event Final Day    
  7:00 p.m. Last Chance Tournament R$150  


Not only the champion of the Main Event will win a $13,000 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event Package but whichever lady manages to take down the Ladies Event will also receive a package to Rozvadov to chase a coveted gold bracelet.

A Celebrity Invitational Tournament will also see a few of the 888poker ambassadors and local celebrities, such as soccer legends Denilson and Café as well as Sofia Lovren, Chris Moorman and Kara Scott being in a

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