PokerStars Launches Home Games Online

This was published 12-01-2011

Poker players will be thrilled with the news that by accessing the latest product launched by PokerStars they will now be in a position to bring the informal atmosphere of social, home games to the internet.


The popular online poker site launched its Homes Games section recently which is a fun new concept that will enable players to form their own home game network among their friends and acquaintances by creating and managing their own private poker club.  This will give players the opportunity to choose the games that they wish to play, who to play with and the time that they wish to play.


Daniel Negreanu, speaking on behalf of PokerStars, said “You have so many options when you open up your Poker Club and you can customize it anyway you want, just like you would in a home game with friends,” .


Although Home Games will soon be available for real money play at it is currently only available on


A huge range of poker variants is supported by the Homes Games section including HORSE, Omaha, Hold’em and Mixed Games.  A club can be created by players by selecting a club name and invitation code.  Players then access their own exclusive poker lobby which can be customized with private Home Game tables and tournaments of their choice.  Friends can then be invited by sending them the club ID and invitation code.  A manager is also appointed to okay the entry of members who indicate their willingness to join the poker room after receiving an invitation.


Players then choose the game they want as well as the stakes and set the date for their online Home Game.  All the details will automatically be sent by the system to fellow club members. They then get to compete against one another inside the club with a leader-board displaying the latest results. 



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