£109.000 Jackpot Scooped by Jarrow Poker Ace

This was published 23-02-2011

A very excited amateur poker wizard from the North, Gaz Walker, is celebrating after having scooped a massive £109,000 prize.

Gaz began playing poker only a few years ago and the game, which was held in a huge casino hall in Nottingham, was only his second tournament.  However, he is no stranger to the Newcastle poker scene due to the fact that he captains his own team, the Walker Sensations.

A UK record crowd of 1,058 people turned up at the tournament hoping to take home the winnings but it was lucky Gaz Walker, a web designer from Jarrow, South Tyneside, who claimed the huge pot after a grueling 36 hours at the card table.

Gaz paid an amount of £500 to enter the game and was among just twelve players left and sweating over the huge win that was at stake when before long, the 28-year old was dueling with only one other contestant.

 in some of the World Series tournaments rticipa espeAfter his massive win, Gaz said “I was still very tense at this stage.  Twice already I had lost hands that had doubled the number of chips my rival had.  I started to get de-motivated and began to lose my patience a little, especially as it was about three in the morning”.

However, Gaz realized that aggression was the answer to winning and in another decisive hand he took his adversary in all and succeeded in winning with a flush draw.

Gaz added that “When I knew I’d beaten the last man, I was over the moon. After so much effort and concentration I was delighted it paid off. To win this amount of money was amazing. I decided to go all in and try to blow him out of the water – and it worked.”

This lucky player has many times thought of turning professional but made a decision to keep it as a hobby.  He has, however, now decided to take a trip to Las Vegas in the summer where he will participate in some of the World Series tournaments.

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