PKR Exec Comments on “Staggering” Growth of UK Online Poker

This was published 24-02-2011

It is no secret that online poker is one of the fastest growing forms of internet entertainment in the world, and this trend is keenly felt in the United Kingdom in particular. The Marketing Manager at PKR Technologies, the group that runs the award winning online poker room, said that the growth of online poker in the UK is “quite staggering”.  Erika Schwartz Poole said in an interview this week said that the game of poker has been growing significantly online over the past ten years.

She said that in previous years, poker was seen as a men’s only game, played out in down-and-out poker rooms, with the reputation as an undesirable card game.

However, all that has now changed, thanks to the growth of online poker and the fact that so many celebrities from across the board have taken to this game as a form of entertainment. In addition, top players who regularly hit the high stake tables at online poker rooms, as well as winners of prestigious land based poker tournaments, have become celebs in their own right, instantly recognized not only by poker fans but by the mainstream as well.

Thanks to online poker, the card game has become acceptable for both sexes, and cuts across all race, nationality and age barriers.  “It now has a mixed player base of both male and females with varying ages,” said Schwartz Poole. “From college students to city bankers to housewives playing in their spare time. ”

PKR Poker continues to offer new players to its site a generous $800 welcome bonus that can be used once they make a deposit into their poker accounts. The 3D site, which uses proprietary software, has won various industry awards for its excellent product, and providers players with a highly entertaining gaming experience.

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