Avoid losing money playing poker – 8 Tips – Part 2

This was published 24-06-2009

5. Observe, Observe, Observe

I’m going to modify this.  It’s difficulty to hyper focused on one table while multi-tabling online.  And i wouldn’t even really recommend it.  Paying attention to the way players play is obviously important.  And, you can for sure glean information regarding how a player plays by watching hands that you aren’t in.  But is it worth shutting down a multi-tabling session to only watch one table and get a little more information?  Not in my opinion.  Pay attention, and observe how people play, but make sure you’re maximizing your earning potential!

6. Know Your Opponents

Knowing your opponents is an important aspect of poker.  Online it is a little easier because you have a program built into the client that enables you to create notes on each player.  I highly recommend this because if you get a great read on someone WRITE IT DOWN! With the amount of players online it will be very difficulty to distinguish between players who are aggressive bluffers, and players who only play the nuts.  The only drawback is that it’s software based, and not kept in the cloud (ie/ it’s not married to your user-name)..So if you have to reinstall your poker software, you lose the notes you made.

7.  Just play a solid game against idiots

You will never bluff a bad player.  I have posted about this last week.   It’s just not possible.  Over the long run, that same bad player will dump a lot more money to you if you play ABC poker, than if you try to bluff them or try any fancy stuff. They’re just not playing the game at the level  you are, and they honestly don’t care what cards you’re holding.  They’ve fallen in love with their hand and they’re going to see the river…even if they have to go all in.

8.  Don’t play if the results don’t Matter

This should be self evident.  If you don’t care about the money you’re winning or losing, poker is a meaningless game, and you will not do well (but that doesn’t really matter does it?).  Also..i use to play a lot after getting home from the bar.  This is a really bad idea, not because I was drunk (see rule #1), or because i was tired.  It was a bad idea because at the end of the night i just didn’t care enough about losing a 5 dollar pot.  I would dump 50 or 60 bucks in 5 dollar increments because of all the bad decisions i was making, mainly because i didn’t care about the outcome.

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