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This was published 12-07-2009

So…the main event WSOP is on.  There are countless people covering it, and i’m sure you’ve seen more news about it than i have.  I’m a fan of chicks who play poker, and so, i present an interview with a hot chick who’s job it is to play poker.  Like…because she’s good at poker, not just because she’s hot.

Her Name is Tiffany Michelle.  She was the last woman standing during the 2008 WSOP, and came 17th overall.  She cashed over $330,000.  Not too shabby.  This is an exerp from an interview with her from Asylum Australlia. I just like it because she’s pretty hot for a poker player!

What’s cool about your job?

Playing poker is actually a stress reliever for me as well as a natural high. There is something calm and serene about sitting down at a poker table, tuning out the rest of the world and putting 100 percent of my focus on the game, the cards and the players.

It’s also an adrenaline rush to sneakily pull off a big bluff or to win a huge pot of chips and then scoop them all into my stack. Collecting a tangible reward for your work is very fulfilling.

What’s the weirdest thing that ever happened during a competition?
I encounter all kinds of people at the poker table. I primarily compete with guys, and there are a lot of strange personalities that come out of the woodwork. I’ve seen guys lose their mind over the most trivial things, get into fights, I’ve been cussed out, hit on and had to sit next to people who smell like they haven’t showered in a week!

Do your looks help you psyche out competitors?

I usually wear hats and hoodies and tend to play down my looks when I’m at the poker table. I never want someone to think that I’ve gotten where I have today or have the results that I do because of some special advantage as a hot chick. I want to be respected for being a great player, just as good as the guys. With that said, yes, I do notice that guys get a little nervous and unsure of themselves when I sit down at a table.

How do guys react when they find out what you do for a living?
Guys get so excited when I tell them what I do. They think it’s really sexy and badass, but I have to be prepared to be bombarded with a million questions. Inevitably they want to discuss every poker hand and experience they’ve ever had. They’re always curious about the money and ask how much is the most that I’ve made and if I’ve played with such-and-such famous poker player. Then, of course, they invite me to come play with them.

Me Personally? I like her wearing the hat better than no hat.  But i’m not sure if that has any effect on her poker game. 

If you’d like to learn more about Tiffany (like what tourney’s she’s playing in or events that she’s attending…) you can check out her website!

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