It was SOOOOOTED – Newbie Wednesday!

This was published 22-07-2009

  I can’t  count how many times i’ve heard that excuse for a ridiculous play by a new (or experienced) player after taking down a pot that they had no business being in.  Some players imagine that two suited cards have magical powers that make them would-be powerhouses.  The fact is, Suited cards aren’t that much stronger than unsuited cards.  They have an added advantage, but preflop, that amounts to about 10% to flop a 4 flush (not a full flush, that’s a much lower %).  For example, preflop, 78 offsuit has a 19% chance to beat AA; 78 suited has a 22% chance vs. AA. The difference is almost negligible.

You must also keep in mind, that if you do hit your 4 flush with 9-2, A) you still have to pay to see 2 more cards (and if you’re paying for the turn, you should pay for the river as well, you’ve come this far!) and B) you’re getting your money in with players who may have a much HIGHER flush draw than you do.  It’s very similar to chasing the bottom end of the straight.  You may end up with a flush, but you may also put all your money in with a really weak hand.  It’s no good walking away from a poker table broke, kicking yourself for going all in with a 9 high flush.

He called a preflop re-raise with jack-three? “But it was sooooooted!”  STAY AWAY!!

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