Women’s Poker League Back Again at Poker Stars

This was published 07-02-2011

Poker Stars Women’s Poker League for Year 2011 began once again on Monday, 7th February, 2011 after witnessing a huge success in the past season.


Due to popular demand and the massive success achieved by the event, the leading online poker room, Poker Stars proceeded to once again organize and reinstall it for another year.


The Poker Stars Women’s Poker League promises to help bring even more women into the fold of exciting online poker entertainment and it is Poker Star’s aim to establish the League as the Go-Place for Women’s Poker and expects to create an online reputation of being the best No. 1 site where women can play poker.


It is also Poker Star’s intention to attract as many women players as possible and they have, therefore, made it a point to permit low buy-ins and free-rolls as they are aware of the fact that most women are money conscious and do not spend easily.  It is, therefore, presumed that women are more like to participate with a low buy in.


Players will now be able to learn the game and build up their bankroll slowly and safely with the highly affordable low buy-ins and regular free-rolls.


Women players are given the opportunity of enjoying two daily tournaments with $0.10 buy in events between 1 pm and 8 pm EST and $1.10 events at 2 pm and 9 pm EST.


These players are also being offered greater incentives other than learning how to play online poker and a prize package worth $4,000 to the Poker Stars Women’s Live Event at the end of the year will be awarded to the winner of the League.


Players will also have a chance to enjoy monthly and yearly cash prizes throughout the current season.


Last year, two Poker Stars Pro Team members, Vanessa Rousso and Live Boeree, earned $2.87 million and $1.83 million respectively.





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